Leave the world behind you…

At Latin America’s first landscape hotel, situated in a 240-acre private nature retreat. 

Many modern travelers seek to connect with the natural environment of their latest far-flung destinations.  Landscape hotels, much like treehouse hotels, make it easy for these discerning travelers to do just that and get back to nature.

Known for their  distinctive architecture that both celebrates the natural beauty and encourages guests to feel immersed in nature,  landscape hotels offer luxe amenities in truly stunning settings.

That’s the plan !     The first landscape hotel to open in Latin America, Lujo Verde….  Green Luxury.  Because true luxury is not in  things but in your ability to escape and unwind.

Equally important, Lujo Verde aspires to be the anchor of a truly innovative tourism and conservation movement in Panama that helps business, nature and people work together for a better future.  

This site was set up to inform future investors about our project,  our goals and about how we want to get there.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Renderings of our rainforest villa’s and suites

When designing the villa’s and suites of our landscape hotel, this was on our mind:

The design of the villa’s and suites will not be ‘rough’ and the setting in the landscape should maximize the scenery
We want clean-lined, modernist cabins, luxury appointed but spare interiors.  They should have a scenically aimed wall of glass and terrace where guests feel that what is in front of them is part of the room.

Minimal impact on land and surrounding trees
By building on stilts and using a concrete-less foundation method, we can build anywhere with minimal impact.  Using a prefab Meccano-like building method, we can even take the structure apart again and rebuild elsewhere. How’s that for circular building?  All building parts can be carried by max. 3 people. No need to create wide access roads for mechanical equipment access.

Hills are and advantage, not a challenge
By taking advantage of hill-side panorama’s we create the immersive scenery experience and guarantee maximum privacy for our guests.  It also helps build a tree-house-like feel where guests are close to nature.

How does that look in practice?  Here are some artist impressions:

Above our spacious rainforest suite.  It will be available with or without private pool.  Satellite rooms can be built in its vicinity to accommodate families and  groups.

These satellite rooms exist in 2 versions: a standard version which is basically a room with private bathroom.  And a slightly larger version for longer stays or stand-alone rooms (not part close to a villa suite) as well as staff housing.

We also offer the rainforest villa which is basically a mini-version of the suite but with cooking facilities.  Depending on the exact site location, a pool may be an option.

Love to hear your comment.